Photos – Just John

This is just some photos of only me.  If I choose to share family photos to the public, that will be another page.  No special order to these, I’m not that creative or care enough.

Most recent  photos from this week’s happiness over my better gut… April 12, 2013

wpid-IMG_20130402_183535.jpg wpid-IMG_20130412_164009.jpgwpid-IMG_20130412_163940.jpgwpid-IMG_20130412_163709.jpg   wpid-IMG_20130412_163730.jpg


All of these really well done photos are the work of Scott in Academy, TX.

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The Beltonian Comedy Club restroom.  Couldn’t resist an homage to MySpace profile pics 🙂


Yes.  Skating really does happen.  This was 31 DEC 2012.


See what happens when you wear your normal clothes per Army regulation?!  Looks positively Evilgay (TM). 🙂


At work, Summer 2012.


Hurricane Katrina duty, 2005.


Specifically taken for my old MySpace account that was only good for keeping tabs on my teenage girl at the time…

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