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Chaffle (Cheese Waffle) Keto Compatible This is very popular as a substitute where bread would be expected.  You will need a waffle iron, of course. Ingredients: 1 large egg 1/2 Cup shredded cheese – preshredded cheese is not Keto Compatible … Continue reading

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Avgolemono Soup Keto Compatible This is kind of a Greek comfort soup.  Some other recipes call for adding chicken to the soup – cook the chicken parts of your choice in olive oil and add whole or diced, or whatever … Continue reading

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Easiest Mayo Keto Compatible Making homemade mayo is all technique.  THE key is adding the oil slowly into the egg mixture.  While this is not difficult or time consuming, if you follow this method, it is one step instead of … Continue reading

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NOLA Notes

Have some listing done.  Adding a couple explanations daily 🙂 The Food Awesomeness List Morning Call Café:  (Rumor has it that the Du Monde behemoth has bought out the City Park contract and will be the new cafe there.  Commentary … Continue reading

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Veterans’ Websites & Benefits

UPDATE:  The Army just published a comprehensive website of benefits available to ServiceMembers, both state and federal are covered in the website. This is a collection of websites that may be helpful to VETERANS.  Almost 100% of these are … Continue reading

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THE Original IBM Mouse Balls Email

20131114 Folks, I’ve saved this memo for almost 24 years on various disks and zip files… this was TRUE instruction to IBM techs on how to clean the balls of mouses.  For some reason, High Command issued a censor order … Continue reading

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