Big Giant Belly Observations

I’ve been watching extreme weight loss people on social media for years, paying very close attention to any and all patterns.  Regardless of my own biases such as keto.  These are what I call my observations below.  Occams Razor applies here – the simplest explanation that fits 100% of the observations is most likely the True explanation.

Judge for yourself, watch these two TED Talks with a critical eye for fact-based science HERE and HERE .  My own “rules” from these conclusions are HERE.


  1. The body will accumulate fat at every opportunity because of survival of the fattest.
  2. Fasting is the only way the body uses bodyfat for survival.
  3. Fasting is NOT “dieting” which is a continuous decrease of food amounts.
  4. The body does not fast while in a recently fed state.
  5. Three or more meals per day is a constantly recently fed state.
  6. The body adapts to the average of the current pattern, in order to store fat.
  7. Almost ALL weight loss diets have initial success, and long term epic failure.
  8. ALMOST ALL of the extreme loss who report “accountability” of “cheats” see a jump in fat loss the following week when they simply return to (i.e. change back after changing from) previous routine that had plateaued (#6).
  9. The week of better fat loss is almost always credited to “working hard for it” though their routines didn’t change at all from previous week.  This is usually accompanied by self condemnation and empty promises of perfection in the future.
  10. Bodyfat is made from glucose.
  11. Carbs and sugar are the main source of glucose in a non-keto diet.
  12. Ketogenic diets have the best long term success at not re-accumulating obese bodyfat.
  13. Exercise is always beneficial but irrelevant to losing bodyfat, only coincidental to #7.
  14. The ONLY correlation I’ve seen with exercise and weight loss is with strength training, not with endurance.  Lifting heavy weights seems to have far more effect on loss than marathons and crunches.
  15. Epidemic obesity and other diseases is a modern problem.

Conclusions (that fit all observations, not just some)

  1. Abrupt and significant decrease in food causes bodyfat loss.
  2. It is impossible to constantly have abrupt decrease in food.
  3. Change in diet is by far the most important tactic (due to #1, #2).
  4. When and how often to eat is much more important than the food itself.
  5. Low carb, high fat ketogenic food is far more important than quantity of food.
  6. Denying a full meal simulates “dieting” and causes stressful unhappiness.


I accidentally “dieted” for a few months.  Just wasn’t very hungry and so gradually decreased meals and kept it regular (lunch, dinner).  Guess what?  I put on a few inches of fat in my belly in about 3 months!  I didn’t need to diet in the first place as I was perfectly happy with my body and the fit of my uniform, and so certainly didn’t intend to do so.  This was the first gain of bodyfat I had experienced after 3 years of keto as my food style, and suddenly found that I could not button the top button of my uniform pants.

I thought about these observations, lost all theology (even of keto) and used Occam’s Razor to determine the Principles.  From that, the Rules I’ve been following for the past month.  Yes, losing that extra around the middle and feeling better.  Even when not keto, still accomplishing progress and almost never push away from available food while I’m eating.

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