Veterans’ Websites & Benefits

UPDATE:  The Army just published a comprehensive website of benefits available to ServiceMembers, both state and federal are covered in the website.

This is a collection of websites that may be helpful to VETERANS.  Almost 100% of these are for FREE information and assistance and relate to dealing with the Veterans Administration (VA).

Benefits are a funny thing – you are entitled, but you have to ASK for the benefits.  In order to ask, you have to know to ask, right?  Find out, use JAG or your own lawyer or a friendly advocate to help you find out about the benefits you earned with your service.

The links below may or may not be still valid, but I keep all of them here to spark ideas of what to look for and who might be able to be of assistance.  The most tragic thing is not getting a benefit that you didn’t even know that you didn’t know about.  The next most terrible thing is not knowing the rights you have when dealing with the VA and the government in general.  Find out.  These links are just a starting point.

Feel free to comment with corrections and additions.

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