The Big Giant Belly Rules

How to permanently eliminate the Big Giant Belly?

In essence, just lose all modern theology  about food and exercise.  These rules come from observing a wide variety of weightloss situations (online) and intense self-education, summarized HERE.

You aren’t “paleo” if you know what or when or even if you are going to eat again.

Update… the extra fat that slipped on to me when I got complacent with carbs for a few months has evaporated at exactly the same rate as it appeared.  in 3 months, I’m happy again with how my uniform pants fit.


  1. Change something every few days or so – diet, timing, exercising.  Example:  Also let yourself have a break from change by having an occasional week of routine.
  2. Fast (no food or sugary drinks) usually at least 15 hours from last meal to first meal (see Rule 1). Example: Dinner at 6pm, fast until at least 9am.
  3. By far mostly observe a ketogenic diet of foods eaten (see Rule 1). Example: Bacon is low carb, medium protein, high fat.  Beef jerkey is high carb (check the sugar), high protein, low fat.  Bacon – eat bacon.
  4. When eating a meal, usually eat as much as possible until fully satisfied (see Rule 1).  Example:  Cavemen didn’t worry about their “calories” when food happened, they ate as much as could of what they had available, except when they didn’t because of whatever.  Eatus Interruptus.
  5. Drink water when thirsty.  Other drinks are entertainment and should be treated that way, best with a meal.  Example:  Thirsty is literally the need for water.
  6. Exercise as you can, when you can, because it is good for you and keeps you feeling more energetic and alive. [If losing fat is a goal of exercise, then focus on high-intensity/short duration such as weight lifting and Cross Fit.  But, keep randomness (Rule 1) in training vs. recovery.Example: Occasionally run from a saber tooth tiger, but mostly…
  7. Relax and have faith.


  1. Do NOT weigh or measure or examine in the mirror more than once a month.
  2. Do NOT exercise to “burn off fat.”
  3. Do NOT stress and punish yourself.
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