Veterans’ Websites & Benefits

This is a collection of websites that may be helpful to VETERANS.  Almost 100% of these are for FREE information and assistance and relate to dealing with the Veterans Administration (VA).

Benefits are a funny thing – you are entitled, but you have to ASK for the benefits.  In order to ask, you have to know to ask, right?  Find out, use JAG or your own lawyer or a friendly advocate to help you find out about the benefits you earned with your service.

The links below may or may not be still valid, but I keep all of them here to spark ideas of what to look for and who might be able to be of assistance.  The most tragic thing is not getting a benefit that you didn’t even know that you didn’t know about.  The next most terrible thing is not knowing the rights you have when dealing with the VA and the government in general.  Find out.  These links are just a starting point.

Feel free to comment with corrections and additions.

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Big Giant Belly 2017

update: excellent podcast HERE.  

How to permanently eliminate the Big Giant Belly.  In essence, just lose all modern theology (“every problem looks like a nail to my one hammer”) about food and exercise.  Our ancestors didn’t assume or feel the need for “3 meals every day” or “calories in vs. calories out” at all.  (Nor did they have dieticians.)

Bae and I are both following this (especially rule #7) and experiencing steady results over several weeks.  Nothing dramatic like a “diet” shows.  (I’m sure he will eyeroll over using “bae”…)

Here goes – coming full circle through observations of the obvious to the simple rules our ancestors had no choice but to follow.  [You aren’t “paleo” if you know when or if you are going to eat again, FYI.) Continue reading

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Favorite StoryCorps Stories


StoryCorps is invaluable. Check it out for yourself, but this is a running list of my personal favorites.  The entire point of life is the stories we live, tell, and share. Continue reading

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THE Original IBM Mouse Balls Email


Folks, I’ve saved this memo for almost 24 years on various disks and zip files… this was TRUE instruction to IBM techs on how to clean the balls of mouses.  For some reason, High Command issued a censor order at the time…

Without further ado, THE MEMO! Continue reading

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