big giant belly – 13 month update


Last year on exactly March 1 (2013), I began my War On My Big Giant Belly.

Original Post (with some April updates)

Update (May)

Before & After Pics  (June)

In my April update I noted that it seemed I had invented a bit of a Paleo Diet, without knowing such a thing existed.  What I had actually done was a Modified Keto Diet.  I found out what the hell keto was after June, via Reddit.

I educated my damned self, via the amazingly supportive/informative/respectful/positive group on Reddit:

Everything I have learned starts there in that “subreddit.”

At heart, I’m a scientist and in practical terms I’m an engineer.  The scientist wants to know WHY and the engineer wants to know SO-WHAT? about the universe.  I ingested all I could find – all the links posted by redditors, videos online, books, etc.  I self-analyzed my own reactions to things I ate or didn’t eat, did or didn’t do.  Seriously, I behaved like the scientist.

My boyfriend said what I would have said to someone like me (obsessively gobbling information on a single subject):  “Seems like you are looking to rationalize what you already have chosen.”  Nope.  That’s the really odd thing – I’m actually searching high and low for any credible scientific proof that the keto crowd is wrong!  It isn’t there.

Scientists do not fear their theories being proven wrong.  Priests & Profits [sic] fear their dogmas being proven wrong.

OPEN CALL – if anyone can supply me with any peer-reviewed objective and complete science that says keto is wrong, I want to know.  Send it to my reddit username (mg78642) via reddit messaging.  Complete science, includes the “negative space” of “things not observed/etc.” Just saying.

So, once I was able to shed my few inches with the methods of My Diet Plan (original), I was stuck for getting rid of the last teeny tiny bit. (about 1″ around the waist).  I stopped doing higher than normal exercise and added fats to my diet.  Half of that last 1″ has come off with zero effort in the past few months of Not Giving A Damn.

Here’s some interesting new WTF were we thinking points floating around in my head.

  • No other animal has “scheduled” meals.  They eat as a reaction to needing to eat.  We not only eat due to hunger, but are told to predict how much activity (i.e. “calories”) we will need before we eat.
  • Interestingly, our mealtimes tend to be right on schedule for carbohydrate “high” deprivation (sharp hunger pains after a few hours).
  • IF:  “a calorie is a calorie is a calorie” and “total calories are the issue” THEN:  why do those same mouthpieces insist on “low fat” calories as a preference, hmmm?
  • Do these dieticians really think our bodies consume 100% of the calories in food and drink?  We have toilets for a reason. Not all is consumed – if it was, then there would be nothing left to be waste.

I doubted the keto’ers.  I admit it.  I was wrong.  Just like I was wrong (and an asshole) on government recognition of samesex couples as legally married.  I’m over 40 but damn it, show me proof of being wrong and the scientist will accept it.

The engineer’s “so what?” comes in here:  no, carbs aren’t poison (although that is what I call them).  everyone has different DNA and different bodies.  But, we are enough alike that we can breed with each other and therefore some general rules of thumb likely apply.

My friend, Brian, tried just eating nothing but McDonalds for a month and only taking off the top half of the burger bun.  He dropped about 10 lbs. He was (still is) visibly obese.  I’ve never been obese – BUT it is truly amazing how much healthier even I feel over the past year.  I’m no longer prone to depressive episodes when PTSD triggers hit me.  Like, not at all in the past 6 months or so.  I don’t feel like napping all the time – I only “nap” when I feel like chainsmoking.  Life is good.

All that said, I’ve spent probably about 400+ hours of my life digging into everything I could find on this and personally seen true health results for myself and friends around me.  Here is a list of the videos I’ve found to be the most useful.  I’ve even included the ONE refutation I could find against Dr. Lustig (he hurt her tender dietician feelings).  I’ve arranged in order of how I would present them to a friend.

Keto On, Wayne!  Keto On, Garth!


“Dr. OZ” segment on the Paleo diet

5 minute interview with the author of the diet


Scientists Say Fructose Changes Brain To Cause Overeating

2 minute news spot


An RD’s Response to Dr. Robert Lustig

2 minute “save my profession” video by Neva Cochran, MS, RD, LD


Why the Fuss with High Fructose Corn Syrup?

2 minute “yes it is helping make us fat” video by Michael Corsilles, ND, PA-C


2 YEARS Fructose Free – that’s me UPDATE!

3 minute video of “fructose free is the way for me” by susiswooz


Weight Loss Update 2012

13 minute “from the heart” video by boogiedown550. Notable commentary from 4:40-6:00.


Challenging the Dogma of Obesity: An Insulin Nation Interview with Gary Taubes

33 minute introduction to the science of LCHF


Why We Get Fat

1:10 presentation for CTV Santa Cruz County by Gary Taubes


Wheat: The Unhealthy Whole Grain

1:05 presentation by Dr. William Davis about gluten and carbs in general but focused on the fact that modern wheat in no way is the same wheat of even just 50 years ago.


Fat Chance: Fructose 2.0

1:26 presentation for University of California TV by Dr. Robert Lustig, including the exact biochemical explanation of why sugar and HFCS is the cause of obesity and generalized metabolic syndrome conditions.


The Complete Skinny on Obesity

58 minute talk by Dr. Robert Lustig in general layman’s language


Fat Head

1:44 entertaining mockumentary of the bad science (HCLF) and hard science (LCHF) as an answer to Super Size Me documentary


Grain Brain with Dr. David Perlmutter (Podcast #230)

1:16 of science about the mental health/brain chemistry effects of gluten and carbs in general


Sugar Pandemic Policy vs. Politics vs. Law with Dr. Robert Lustig

1hr 49 minute lecture on the case for controlling sugar consumption comparable to alcohol & tobacco




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atheists and christians


I know many atheists.  Aside from their eye-rolling that I’m a theist, they don’t try to convert me to their [lack of] belief.  So I did wonder why it is pretty much only Christians that get the vitriol?  Why not Jews, Buddists, Taoists, Hindis, Pagans, Wiccans, and Muslims?  I’ve asked, and my guess seems correct:  Christians deserve it. Read more ›

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words and science


I have a pet peeve that has absolutely nothing to do with social justice or wounds I personally have suffered.  It is the implications of using inaccurate language when saying something even remotely “scientific” sounding.  Evolution does NOT “select for” anything at all.  If an atheist believes in this evolution thing, then one believes that we and all other items in the universe happened without any divine mind behind it.  Therefore, to assign motives such as “selects for” is absolutely contradictory to the lack of belief in a diety. Read more ›

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horoscopes and crystal balls


I was just thinking…  (always bad with the bible) … there’s huge and crystal clear prohibitions against having ANYthing to do with “spiritualists, mediums, soothsayers,…” etc.  Even though plenty of righteous figures flagrantly do so.

But nevermind that.  Isn’t such a person one who claims to speak for another who is not there or predicts the future?  Either the not-there person is dead, not born, spirit, or something, right?  Right.

So… what the fracking hell is it called when Christian Shamans Read more ›

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the quantum story


I’ve written a tidbit here and there, referencing “quantum mechanics” concepts and language.  This does not mean I actually “believe” in the stuff. Look, as I’ve beaten the dead-horse, everything (!) other than basic animal concerns of survival is all a story we are tellling ourselves.  It doesn’t matter whether you can “prove” one story “true” over another, since the said “proof” will always be Yet Another Story.  Read more ›

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doses or poison


Old Man Adage:  “The poison is in the dose.”  Amount and Timing.

Pick a substance, any substance.

Morphene can be medicinal or deadly, depending on the amount and timing of the dose.

Alchohol, found in many medicines as a sedative so you can sleep through the relief the other medications give.

It is very possible to become poisoned by water itself, when too much is consumed in too short a period of time.

The thing on my mind is not substances but (knowing me…) choices and behaviors.  A time comes when a choice becomes a habit becomes a rut becomes an outright addiction. Read more ›

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prime directive for truth


What is it you do or not-do when I don’t ask or influence in any way?

I state facts.  Watch what happens.  Sometimes the fact is something I want or not-want.  I do not ask someone else to choose anything in a specific way.  I watch and see what happens with the raw information.

What happens is closer to the Truth than any words can say.

Or, more eloquently put… THIS.

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