where are the disciples?


If you are a disciple of Jesus, Son of Man, you should be outraged by these who claim to follow him.

Where is the outrage over this blasphemy in his name?  This sure doesn’t look like “Love each other.  As I have loved you, love each other.  By this I will know you are My disciples, if you love one another.”

Ahem.  Waiting for the good disciples to police their own.  Waiting…

the saab effect


Years ago, I read a great description of the Saab vehicle design flaw:  the reviewer put it so nicely, saying “basically, the Saab looks like it can’t get out of its own way.”

Most problems people have is simply that:  they can’t get out of their own damned way.  Even when it takes extreme contortions of facts into fascinating fairy tales.  I’ve noticed that people who are “frustrated” with life almost always are the exact and only thing standing in their own way, inflicting their own pains, and spinning outlandish stories about why they cannot get past … themselves.

That is all.  Last post of the day.

P.S.  Been waiting until I had my contacts in my eyes so I could more easily use my laptop at a comfortable distance from my face. :)  Let the bifocal jokes fly!

holy shit, wordpress. really?


WTF? I have stopped 99% of web browsing on my phone due to popup ads that make me wish it was just 1998 popups again.  Now, I can’t even click into my blog at WordPress that I ACTUALLY PAY FOR?!!  I’ve tested it out, and yes it is WordPress Itself that is popping up the ads in front of me every time I click to get into my “Dashboard” here. Holy shit, I now officially hate the entire Internet of 2014.

It may be time for me to just host my own damned website for my blogging.

The End.

Sorting out what Jesus meant – two different dimensions


short, sweet, and without bs.

Originally posted on Jim Palmer:

Jesus said, “You are from below; I am from above. You are of this world; I am not of this world.” You’re missing it if you think that Jesus is saying something about how he is divine and you are just human. That’s not it. Time and time again, Jesus points out that there are two different dimensions to operate in. One dimension keeps us tied down to the mindset, understanding and reasoning of the world. Religion falls into this category. It’s the heady/mental religious/worldly dimension. I wrote a lot about this dimension in Notes from (Over) the Edge. It’s a dimension characterized by dualism, and we have created a false God to rule over it. What Jesus was about has nothing to do with any of that mess. There is also a “heavenly” dimension. We have access to that dimension in and through the life-giving Spirit within…

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