american pagans


This is straight-up paganism: magic, super heroes, and evil villains.  And, has absolutely nothing whatosever to do with Jesus or anything he said.  Nothing.  Absolutely Nothing.

It is this kind of fear mongering and “you’re going to HELL” tactics that lead to the blasphemy of using God as a weapon to smite those you don’t like.

FIRST… THIS kind of Christian has everything to do with Jesus.  And, the reason there is still hope for Christians actually paying attention to him.

“Serious” Christian Movies to Scare The Hell Out Of You

Satan Runs the US Postal Service

Starbucks Exorcism in Austin – or, Jesus Needs To Be TOLD To Save You

God Punishes You For Being Native American

Starbucks Puts Semen In Coffee For Satanic Homosexual Agendas

The End.

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f*ck Hammurabi

this bastard has caused so many problems, he needs to be retroactively ripped to shreds.

not every goddam statement has to be exact and legally binding.

cant i get a straight answer that is essentially understandable even if not precisely and exactly and immutably legally “true” in every situation and every context?!

shit almighty.

“in the web billpay system, what is the meaning of the due date on that credit card? is it the date interest starts accruing or is there a few days like in traditional paper statements?”

this should not precipitate a litany of carefully chosen words and a defensive story about how i opted out of paper statements.

oh i get it, for sure. “but you said!” is always lurking.

i could have saved myself the frustration by simply never asking the question.

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So, here we (collectively) are:  the most obsessed with diet, exercise, and health in history.

AND also the sickest, cancer-est, and fattest in history.

AND, all this has happened in less than 30 years.

For 30 years, we have been blaming fat people for their adipose (fat tissue) as a sign of sloth and gluttony.

Maybe, just maybe, adipose is nothing more than the visible symptom of systematic food poisoning.  Namely – poison as food.  Maybe being fat doesn’t cause diabetes, sleep apnia, high blood pressure, etc. but is merely the visible also-caused-by food poison cousin?

I’m just saying… we had fast food and cokes and candy in great abundance in the 70’s & 80’s also.  But something monumental happened that suddenly in the 90’s we have an explosion of serious medical issues attributed to “you aren’t exercising enough for how much you eat.”

I’m going to have to call bullshit.  It is the food, not the person or the lifestyle. Simple logic and Occam says so.

The End.

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wtfh is “fear” anyway?


Best I can assess, fear is nothing more than a negative anticipation of a future memory.

If that memory is one that “changes everything,” it is still just a memory after it happens. Then there is a new status quo.  And, you have no choice but to deal with it.

If that memory isn’t one that “changes everything,”it is still just a memory after it happens. Then you have the same status quo to deal with.

I’m just trying to understand fear logically.  And, find that I cannot.  It doesn’t make any sense as a sole reason for any decision.

Sure, I fear things that can kill my body.  But the FEAR isn’t the SOLE reason to decide not to do such things.  The irreversable death thing is enough, and fear is just an accessory.

To Be Continued…

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die once, just once.


Since 4040 is axiomatically obvious, this is also.

The future has not happened.

All informed data says dying is unpleasant.

The audacious die only once.

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Had a nicely verbose post all written in my head. Included nifty comparisons between combat and civilian threat environments.  Decided to be merciful to my thumbs and say only this:

You don’t know if you or anyone else will be alive 40 seconds from now, or 40 years. Period. Manage your life accordingly.

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eureka! popups GONE


Popups on my droid have been driving me nuts for months. Found the exact source… AT&T itself!! See screen shots below. I stumbled randomly on it by idly checking out their Privacy Policy (or lack thereof).  THIS is why those annoying Yahoo-based ads couldnt be eliminated no matter what I did.  You know, those ads forcing auto-installs of apps or beeping and trying to scare you with “virus found!” bullshit.

So yeah, “AT&T AdWorks” has been using the mobile data that I pay AT&T in order to annoy me with AT&T making money off the ads that use that data I pay AT&T for my own use.  Yes, AT&T has, without your knowledge, been getting customers to pay the bill for the data to send popups we clearly do not want in the first place.

SLEAZY.  Opt-Out for yourself. See the screen shots below.  Once I did this, I have had zero nuisance ads. Zero. Websites with NO ads no longer have ads. Imagine that.



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