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project – week 1


Good progress so far. Down 2 pounds, though weight numbers don’t matter to me. The important thing is that “carb craving” type of hunger pain is finally gone and the “hmmm I better eat” kind is in place.  I will have my belly ready for Venice Beach by the time our summer trip comes. Continue reading

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Ding. Ring. Whatever. Conditioned to snap to attention when those notifiers go off? Isn’t that annoying? Or, worse yet, waiting for them, or one in particular? Who is the master of my time and attention, the notifiers or me?

I am. ALL notifiers are OFF on my phone almost all the time. If it is actually important and urgent to get my attention, a phone call will usually work. Usually. Even then it is iffy.

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2 years ago I began the Big Giant Belly project.  It’s back, through my own laziness and convenience.  In fact, it is exactly and precisely back.  Bought correct food yesterday and will rid myself of this.  Should be straightforward since I’m far smarter about such things now.  Here it goes, but this time as a stated keto method and return to regular PT.  Feel mostly able to run again since hurting my knee and ankle last month skiing.


  • (keto) avoid carbs like a mild poison and sugar like a preacher
  • (my mistress is heavy cream) coffee will be BLACK, no eating 7pm-7am
  • (keep metabolism off balance) random “dirty day” and random “fasting day” with 5-8 day intervals
  • (diligent without obsession) PT with 5-8 hours of cardio measured in any grouping of days

So here we go again.

Official Reddit/Keto primer

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25 Bible Verses That Disprove Eternal Conscious Hell

personally dont believe in hell at all, but so many do. and they do because preachers tell them so. isnt it convenient to have a flock believe in eternal conscious torture from their loving god? especially if sin is defined as anything the preacher dislikes ;)

tithe, ye hell fearer.

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how-to: provoke


 Photo from )

Sometimes, provocation is exactly what needs to be done.  And, if the cause is LOVE, then fuck’m to anyone who has a problem.

Says, I.



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how-to: deal with TX Hazelwood Act educational benefits


Texas. The great state who just wubbs and wubbbbbs its veterans had a Fabulous Idea to provide said Vewy Wubbed Vets educational benefits:  150 free college credit hours at any Public Institution.  And, this benefit never expires.  And, this benefit is transferrable to members of your State Recognized Children.  Spouse?  Don’t know, and don’t care.  I don’t have one and won’t have one.  I’m self centered that way – it doesn’t matter to me, so I’m not researching it. Continue reading

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