eureka! popups GONE


Popups on my droid have been driving me nuts for months. Found the exact source… AT&T itself!! See screen shots below. I stumbled randomly on it by idly checking out their Privacy Policy (or lack thereof).  THIS is why those annoying Yahoo-based ads couldnt be eliminated no matter what I did.  You know, those ads forcing auto-installs of apps or beeping and trying to scare you with “virus found!” bullshit.

So yeah, “AT&T AdWorks” has been using the mobile data that I pay AT&T in order to annoy me with AT&T making money off the ads that use that data I pay AT&T for my own use.  Yes, AT&T has, without your knowledge, been getting customers to pay the bill for the data to send popups we clearly do not want in the first place.

SLEAZY.  Opt-Out for yourself. See the screen shots below.  Once I did this, I have had zero nuisance ads. Zero. Websites with NO ads no longer have ads. Imagine that.



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Deliberate Disbelief.

It works pretty well.  But it does kind of suck the passion out of life.

I’m okay with some homeostasis for now.

For everything under the sun there is a season, I suppose.

That is all.

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oddly prophetic


Just did some basic housekeeping on this bloggy thing.  Noticed the post I wrote literally 3 days prior to meeting Steven.

Interesting. Amused, I am.

The End.

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so what. so f’ing what.


If I [do | don't] then <name> will think I’m a dirtbag. – SO WHAT.

Try this: check your reasons for what it is you choose to do or not to do against asking SO WHAT at least 3 times and be honest about your answers.

I’ll bet that almost always, a fear-based SO WHAT sacrifices something you hold dear for no good reason at all.

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the saab effect


Years ago, I read a great description of the Saab vehicle design flaw:  the reviewer put it so nicely, saying “basically, the Saab looks like it can’t get out of its own way.”

Most problems people have is simply that:  they can’t get out of their own damned way.  Even when it takes extreme contortions of facts into fascinating fairy tales.  I’ve noticed that people who are “frustrated” with life almost always are the exact and only thing standing in their own way, inflicting their own pains, and spinning outlandish stories about why they cannot get past … themselves.

That is all.

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the 5% for facebook


Here it is.  The quatifiable cost to ME of having Creepy Uncle Facebook on my smartphone: 5% of my battery power every hour.  That is how much MORE battery I have per hour after disabling the built-in app on my droid.  That 5% represents how many cycles of processors, how much memory, and how much data sent on *MY* data plan by using *MY* equipment that *I* purchased?

TANSTAAFL – There Ain’t No Such Thing As A Free Lunch.

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So It Really Is All About Sex Then, Rod?

Originally posted on The Dish:

The compulsively readable and admirably honest blogger, Rod Dreher, had an epiphany the other day. He was trying to define what he means by “traditional Christianity.” And what he means by the term is the following:

It seems to me that “traditional Christian” is political code for “Christians who adhere to traditional teaching about sex and sexuality.”

That is a really striking statement – though not one that exactly comes as a surprise to those familiar with Rod’s evolution over the years. It’s striking because it doesn’t actually concern itself with doctrine, the critical content of a faith tradition, like, say, the Resurrection of Jesus or the doctrine of the Trinity. It is not about a literal reading of Scripture as the only avenue to truth; it is not about whether doctrine can evolve; it is not about a belief in a personal, intervening God as opposed to a…

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