25 Bible Verses That Disprove Eternal Conscious Hell


personally dont believe in hell at all, but so many do. and they do because preachers tell them so. isnt it convenient to have a flock believe in eternal conscious torture from their loving god? especially if sin is defined as anything the preacher dislikes ;)

tithe, ye hell fearer.

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how-to: provoke


 Photo from www.militarypartners.org )

Sometimes, provocation is exactly what needs to be done.  And, if the cause is LOVE, then fuck’m to anyone who has a problem.

Says, I.



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how-to: deal with TX Hazelwood Act educational benefits


Texas. The great state who just wubbs and wubbbbbs its veterans had a Fabulous Idea to provide said Vewy Wubbed Vets educational benefits:  150 free college credit hours at any Public Institution.  And, this benefit never expires.  And, this benefit is transferrable to members of your State Recognized Children.  Spouse?  Don’t know, and don’t care.  I don’t have one and won’t have one.  I’m self centered that way – it doesn’t matter to me, so I’m not researching it. Continue reading

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how-to: let’s be useful


So, I haven’t felt the need to get much shit out of my head lately.  And, so let’s put this area to some use.  Why the hell not.  New idea is to pass along obscure things I figure out that just might be handy to Google.

Why the hell not :)


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The Business Of Infecting The Web


and this is why i detest all such content thieves.

upwrthy etc are the worst. deliberately steal and conceal the original creators.

dish at least doesnt hide credits.

Originally posted on The Dish:

Andrew Marantz has a fascinating profile of Emerson Spartz, a 27-year-old who runs Dose.com (formerly Brainwreck.com). For those of us who care about real journalism, it makes for depressing reading:

Spartz thinks that pathbreaking ideas are overvalued. “If you want to build a successful virus, you can start by trying to engineer the DNA from scratch—or, much more efficient, you take a virus that you already know is potent, mutate it a tiny bit, and expose it to a new cluster of people.” Brainwreck’s early posts “leaned more toward originality,” Spartz said—they featured novel combinations of images, with text that reflected at least a few minutes of online research—but with Dose “we’ve stopped doing that as much because more original lists take more time to put together, and we’ve found that people are no more likely to click on them.”

Marantz sees Spartz as something akin to “a day trader, investing in…

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A 2015 Promise For Leelah Alcorn, And For All “Different” Young People Who Never Made It Here

Originally posted on john pavlovitz:

Leelah Alcorn never got to see 2015.

It was stolen from her.

This fresh, pristine moment in time that you’re experiencing right now, with all of its newness and possibility and promise? It’s one she didn’t have the chance to stand expectantly in.

The statistics will say that she left of own accord, choosing to depart prematurely, opting out of life.

On paper, she’ll look just like another number; one more depressed, confused, impulsive teen who in a moment of recklessness and emotion, simply took the easy way out.

We know differently.

We know that she lived for far too long with the kind of pain that a young heart should never, ever carry.

We know that her fragile will, finally broke beneath the weight of cruel jokes, and misguided religion, and fear, and silence, and hatred.

We know that she was a she, and that the world refused to really see her.

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american pagans


This is straight-up paganism: magic, super heroes, and evil villains.  And, has absolutely nothing whatosever to do with Jesus or anything he said.  Nothing.  Absolutely Nothing.

It is this kind of fear mongering and “you’re going to HELL” tactics that lead to the blasphemy of using God as a weapon to smite those you don’t like.

FIRST… THIS kind of Christian has everything to do with Jesus.  And, the reason there is still hope for Christians actually paying attention to him.

“Serious” Christian Movies to Scare The Hell Out Of You

Satan Runs the US Postal Service

Starbucks Exorcism in Austin – or, Jesus Needs To Be TOLD To Save You

God Punishes You For Being Native American

Starbucks Puts Semen In Coffee For Satanic Homosexual Agendas

The End.

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