Sorting out what Jesus meant – two different dimensions


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Jesus said, “You are from below; I am from above. You are of this world; I am not of this world.” You’re missing it if you think that Jesus is saying something about how he is divine and you are just human. That’s not it. Time and time again, Jesus points out that there are two different dimensions to operate in. One dimension keeps us tied down to the mindset, understanding and reasoning of the world. Religion falls into this category. It’s the heady/mental religious/worldly dimension. I wrote a lot about this dimension in Notes from (Over) the Edge. It’s a dimension characterized by dualism, and we have created a false God to rule over it. What Jesus was about has nothing to do with any of that mess. There is also a “heavenly” dimension. We have access to that dimension in and through the life-giving Spirit within…

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the 5% for facebook


Here it is.  The quatifiable cost to ME of having Creepy Uncle Facebook on my smartphone: 5% of my battery power every hour.  That is how much MORE battery I have per hour after disabling the built-in app on my droid.  That 5% represents how many cycles of processors, how much memory, and how much data sent on *MY* data plan by using *MY* equipment that *I* purchased?

TANSTAAFL – There Ain’t No Such Thing As A Free Lunch.

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Sony Says User Information Safe After PlayStation Network Hacked

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Reuters reports that hackers hit the Sony Corp.’s huge Playstation network this weekend, before a bomb threat was made against a flight carrying a top Sony executive in the U.S.

The tech company said on its Playstation blog Monday that the network was taken down by a denial of service-style attack, but added that none of the personal data of its 53 million users was compromised.

“We have seen no evidence of any intrusion to the network and no evidence of any unauthorized access to users’ personal information,” said the blog post by Sid Shuman, senior manager of social media.

Somebody with the Twitter handle @LizardSquad claimed responsibility for the data breach on Sunday, Reuters said. The purported hacker said the attack was carried out to warn the Japan-based firm that more profits needed to be spent on data security.

“Sony, yet another large company, but they aren’t spending the…

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The Cost Of Pop-Ups

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by Dish Staff

Ethan Zuckerman, who helped invent the pop-up ad, expresses regret about where ads have taken the Internet:

I have come to believe that advertising is the original sin of the web. The fallen state of our Internet is a direct, if unintentional, consequence of choosing advertising as the default model to support online content and services. Through successive rounds of innovation and investor storytime, we’ve trained Internet users to expect that everything they say and do online will be aggregated into profiles (which they cannot review, challenge, or change) that shape both what ads and what content they see. Outrage over experimental manipulation of these profiles by social networks and dating companies has led to heated debates amongst the technologically savvy, but hasn’t shrunk the user bases of these services, as users now accept that this sort of manipulation is an integral part of the online experience.


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